Claude Paquin

Magazine FORMES, Montréal, Canada / Publisher

Claude Paquin is a recognized publisher profoundly concerned by our living environments. He’s working in the media industry for almost 35 years as a journalist, researcher, publisher, and editor. He launched FORMES in 2004, a publication that proposes unrivaled content in a diversity of formats, across multiple platforms – print and digital magazines, websites, e-newsletters and social media, conference – with depth and frequency.

FORMES is an active player in conversations with members of the various design disciplines and an influencer when it comes to improving exemplary practices and implementing well-considered and sustainable approaches. Its audience consists of architects, designers, urban planners, entrepreneurs, and trendsetters, who rely on us for our take on today’s architecture, territory (land use), materials, and environment scene.

FORMES engages readers. Its contributors, both local and foreign, draw from multiple backgrounds: advanced research, teaching, centers of excellence, and professional associations. The result represents a multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral product with an intersection of skills that help forge promising links between research, action, training, and dissemination of knowledge.

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