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Deputy Dean of Design Research Institute in SUZHOU / Executive General Manager of Gold Mantis Shanghai

Miaoying Jiang is a senior engineer and an accomplished Chinese senior interior architect, holding a Master’s degree from the French National Institute of Technology (CNAM) and a Master of Arts, Renmin University.

Miaoying is Executive General Manager of Gold Mantis Shanghai and the Deputy Dean of Design Research Institute in Suzhou.

Throughout his career, Miaoying has been a visiting Professor of Nanjing Forestry University and been involved in many associations being the Deputy Chairman of Design Committee of Jiangsu Building Decoration Association, Vice President of East China Branch of International Interior Design Association of Building Decoration and Chairman of the Design Committee of CBDA China Building Decoration Association

He received numerous awards and recognitions; Top10 Outstanding Designers of China Space Art Competition 2019, China TOP100 Outstanding Dean of Architectural Decoration Design (2018 -2019, Influential Director of the Design Institute in Decoration Industry of China Decorative Design Award (CBDA) in 2019, Member of the Executive Committee of China Design Annual Person of the Year Conference, TOP10 Winner of Asia Pacific Design Awards for Elite  10th Anniversary in 2019 and the same year Outstanding Chinese Designer of “China Design in North American Eyes 2019”

Miaoying Jiang would like to inspire and support designers from around the world through his vast experience in the construction and design fields.


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