Patricia Medina

Van Belle & Medina / Architect Director

Patricia Medina Prieto was born in Malaga in 1975 and studied Architecture at the ETSA Sevilla – Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura-, where she graduated with outstanding results. She completes her studies with the Erasmus 2000 Project of the TUe -Eindhoven Technical University- in the Netherlands, and she develops part of her earlier professional experience collaborating with the firm Herzog & de Meuron Basel.

In 2003, after winning the architectural award Europan 7in the Netherlands, she founded Van Belle & Medina Architects together with Kurt Van Belle, where she is currently Creative Director of the Department of Architectural and Landscape Projects of the Firm. Van Belle & Medina Architects, with offices in Antwerp, Madrid and Amsterdam, is an international architecture firm that has established itself over time after winning numerous prestigious architecture competitions. The work of the firm covers a wide range of projects, from residential, hotel, office, sanitary and institutional buildings and infrastructures, to urban plans, landscape projects and artistic directions in collaboration with renowned artists.

Van Belle & Medina’s architecture arises from the idea that each project is an expressive tool that reflects contemporary life. Creativity and innovation are at the core of our design process, which response to the global and local needs of a society that is in a process of continuous transformation.

Van Belle & Medina have just been recently nominated for their project Brabo 2 Traction Stations, Antwerp, to the International Contemporary Architecture Awards:-Mies van der Rohe Award 2022.

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