BLT Design Awards 2022 is open!
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Efficient project management systems lead to the building’s construction optimum performance, safe and healthy environment, delivery optimization, and secure operations. Every business knows the significant role of project management software and process and is relied upon in handling daily construction challenges as well as unforeseen circumstances.

Project Management of the Year is awarded to the most advanced project management techniques and systems overseeing the planning, design, and construction of a building, from its beginning to its end. From health and safety to Purchasing and delivering software, implementation of Sustainable processes, Scheduling and Design Software, this award is dedicated to all companies behind the scene and playing a major role in the industry. This prize is open to professionals only

Project Management: Professional

The Project Management of the Year winning projects will be showcased to the global audience, be featured in the BLT book, including winners interviews as well as receiving the BLT Built Design Awards Trophy and enjoy extensive publicity throughout the year, in additions to:

    • Inclusion in the winning media campaign targeting industry professionals and potential clients worldwide
    • Feature in the BLT newsletter to 100,000 design professionals, leading Architectural and Interior Design firms
    • All-year-round profile in the online BLT architecture directory, making it easier for clients to contact your company
    • Winner Certificates – self-printed
    • Winner Seal to promote your winning online added to your professional signature and in printed material.



      • Project Management software/ process and innovation
      • Health and Safety (HSE) software/process and innovation
      • Purchasing and delivering software/process and innovation
      • Supply Chain or Partnership process and innovation
      • Others Project Management
      • Fire Safety Solution and innovation
      • Communication equipment and process
      • Drawing, 3 D, site layout, Floor plan, and Architectural software
      • Project Sustainable process and innovation


    • __________________________


      Entries can be submitted as conceptual designs, in progress, or as completed projects. There is no restriction in terms of time for this prize, the software, process, or tool, they can have been on the market for years.

      Entries should include images of each side of the building or environment along with the contextual surroundings. Please include floor and small-scale site plans showing the project in its context. Where a project is a group of buildings, entrants should provide a rendering that illustrates the complete project. If the entry concerns an alteration or restoration, please include both before and after images.

      Submissions can be made as a Professional only. Winners are chosen based on a single software/process or tool – not for a body of work.


      • Provide a brief description of the software, process or innovation
      • Provide a Designer and Company Profile
      • Give names of those who should be credited for the Manufacturer, Design firms, Construction company…
      • Up to 10 images of your system, innovation, including an optional company logo
      • If the entry is about an alteration or restoration, please include both before and after images.
      • System Specification PDF – recommended


      The BLT Built Design Awards competition is open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world. Professional entries will be judged against other professionals and student entries against other students.

      For more information please check the FAQ page.


      The evaluation process for entries to the BLT Built Design Awards is based on various judging criteria that are constantly adapted to new technical, social, economic, and ecological requirements. These criteria are not comprehensive and not all criteria are applied to each project. They simply provide an orientation framework and basis for judging, which is complemented by each individual juror’s expertise and socio-cultural background.

      Each member of the Jury is passionately committed to providing a fair evaluation. Jury members are assigned categories based on their specific background and expertise. All projects are viewed and judged randomly and anonymously to ensure unbiased and fair judging.

      The judging criteria include the following:

      • Aesthetics — form, shape, color, texture, finishing, the material used, etc
      • Innovation — does the design provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing structure?
      • Practicality / Functionality – ease of cleaning, safety, maintenance… 
      • Ergonomics — How is the interaction with the client? Space optimization? 
      • Durability — the quality and longevity of the product/material
      • Impact — the benefit delivered to the client and/or society by the Design
      • Integration — about the integration of the project to its local environment
      • Ecological compatibility — potential environmental and/or ecological impact
      • Enhancement — in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, does the product /material bring another dimension, satisfaction to the project?


      The BLT Built Design Awards use a Scoring System between 10-100 points.

      ENTRY FEES 2022

      • Professional CHF 260 incl. VAT ( approx: US$280)
        • Same entry in additional categories at a 50% discount

      No Further Fees: Unlike some other design awards and competitions, there are no further fees for winning the award and everything listed in the winner’s benefits will be provided free of charge.

      DEADLINES: 2022 BLT Built Design Awards

              • 10% Early Bird discount until 30th of April 2022
              • 5% Extended Early Bird discount until 31st of May 2022
              • Regular Deadline: 31st of July 2022
              • Final Deadline: 18th of September 2022 (10% late fee apply) till closure on 9th of October 2022

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