A conversation with Lynn Wang and Jason Wang from the Asia Pacific Design Center and Jury members of BLT Design Awards.

February 5, 2021

Based in Shanghai, Lynn Wang and Jason Wang share how the Asia Pacific Design Center helps Architects and Interior designers promoting their work on the global stage. They are also launching the Guangdong Exhibition & Exchange Center this year… a very exciting project ahead.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?  Where are you from?

We are both based in Shanghai, Mr. Jason Wang is a leading figure in the Chinese design arena who had devoted himself to the design industry as a curator since 2009. Jason is the Secretary-General of Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) as well as the Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee for the APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite.

In 2010, Jason established the Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) in Hong Kong, China, and initiated the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite with the theme ‘Celebrating Creativity’, which has become one of the most important design awards in the Chinese community.

Ms. Lynn Wang, passionate about the organic lifestyle, sees herself as a LOHAS, low on carbon footprints and big on sustainability. In 2014, Lynn joined APDC and became the Head of Overseas Affairs Dept of APDC, in charge of establishing mindful partnerships and increase the APDC reach. Lynn is dedicated to providing Chinese and International Designers a platform for communication and cooperation.

Can you share with us what are the roles of the Asia Pacific Design Center?

Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) is a global platform of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), which is considered as the “United Nations” in the Interior Architecture/Design field.

Mr. Claude Bérubé is the founding president of APDC, a leading figure in International Design. He was previously the president of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers and the president of the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC). Core members of APDC include talented architects, interior designers, and product designers who are active in Greater China and the Asia Pacific.

What is the APDC International Design Exchange Center? What are the mains missions?

APDC International Design Exchange Center is a membership exchange platform for designers, focusing on providing service to Designers worldwide.  We help to find resources, strengthens trans-regional cooperation, improves designers’ status and professionalism, spreads green ideas, and advocates low carbon and healthy lifestyle.

What kind of support are you providing to Architects and Interior Designers of your community?

We advise professionals established Architects and Interior Designers, while helping emerging Designers and organizations to improve the profession’s status, using our influence and promotional platform. We also support our members when participating in our own APDC Awards and other International awards, helping them to shine on the international stage.

Can you please share with us your next project? Will you expand APDC?

2021 is a very exciting year for us, we will build and launch the Guangdong Exhibition & Exchange Center for of International Design Competition. The center will integrate three major sections: International Competition Award Training, New Product Material Application Teaching and Global Ceramics & Sanitary ware Product Design Competition, to promote the interaction between design and product.

We want APDC to be more universal and international, this year will be the 12th Edition of the APDC Awards, and we have launched in 2020 the APDC Space Wizard Awards. We hope to increase our International reach and support from other organizations like the Farmani Group.

Are there any particular trends in Architecture and Interior Design in China?

“Less is more” is always the endless pursuit of designers, and since the COVID-19 crisis, they pursuits even more sustainability and eco-friendly materials and concepts.

Last, what are your advice to Emerging Architects and Emerging Interior designers?

Learn more and do more, do not be fear of making mistakes! Participating in valuable design awards is a smart way to test your level and approve your work.