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BLT Built Design Awards Gala at the KKL Luzern in Switzerland

Winning The BLT Built Design Awards is a well-recognized badge of excellence amongst clients and peers.

Why Should You Register?

The BLT Built Design Awards is one of the most comprehensive annual awards dedicated to architecture and construction. BLT Built Design Awards has four programs: Architecture — Interior Design —  Landscape Architecture — Construction Product and this allows every successful company, located anywhere in the world, to enter diverse and excellent projects to this prestigious award.

There are major synergies between Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Products,  joining and winning The BLT Awards ensures that your project, product, or software will be presented widely, across the larger industry.

Brand Differentiation

Our award is designed to set the winners apart from their competitors; by carefully selecting the category you enter, your project, design or innovation concept can firmly establish itself in a strong niche. The BLT Built Design Award is both an independent endorsement of your project and an outstanding indicator of success.

Marketing Opportunities

The benefits of winning our award extend to excellent PR opportunities before, during, and after the award event itself. The BLT Awards winners have a range of opportunities to improve their brand awareness and The BLT Awards actively supports the promotion of your business to architecture, design, and construction professionals and potential new clients worldwide.

Our team has strong relationships with all the major design-related media, maximizing your company’s rate of PR exposure.

After winning, make sure to update your marketing materials with our BLT logo, and ensure you add ‘Award-Winning’ to your project description — on your website, your business cards, email signature, social media, and sales material, for example.

Sharing your win with the world is important, and sharing what your business has achieved through all your hard work is exciting and fun — you deserve this.


Being awarded with a BLT Built Design Award win or Honorable Mention acts as a 3rd-party endorsement of your business and design achievements. Our winning badge is a sign of quality for potential customers and a great way of differentiating your company from competitors — and can form a strong part of your sales strategy.

Team Appreciation 

Winning a prize or receiving BLT Honorable Mention is a very public way of recognizing the hard work and achievements of your staff. Awards should be celebrated as a team to boost morale.

Attracting Talents

Due to its very public nature, winning a BLT Built Design Award prize, or receiving an Honorable Mention, serves as an excellent way to recognize the hard work and achievements of your staff. Your win can be celebrated together and is the perfect way to boost morale: everybody likes to be on a winning team!


Awards " Designer of the Year"
Jury Top Picks
Honorable Mention
BLT Built Design Awards Trophy
Published Winner Interview on BLT Awards
Published Winner Interview on D5mag.com
Mentioned in Winners Press Release distributed to magazines, blogs and partners
Gift Certificate to distribute 1 press kit on v2com newswire
Interview feature on D5 Magazine
Invited to the Winner's Ceremony
50% discount to distribute 1 press kit on v2com newswire
Featured in the BLT Awards Annual Book
Dedicated Social Media posts
Feature on BLT newsletter
Winners / Honorable Mention Digital Certificate
Winners / Honorable Mention Digital Badge
Permanent Exposure on BLT website
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Jury Top Picks

This special title is awarded to projects rated at 80 points or higher, out of a maximum of 100 by our expert jury panel. These entries are the “Jury’s favorites” — projects from across the spectrum of different categories. These projects also form the shortlist of designs for the “Design of the Year” prize.

BLT Built Design Awards – Winner certificate

A personalized certificate of achievement will be provided to each winner and honorable mention recipient; the certificate is a sign of excellence, proof of your and/or your team’s outstanding work and contribution to the industry. Each will also receive the BLT winner’s seal, as well as be featured in the BLT winner online directory while benefiting from all-year-round media coverage.

Photo: winner James Hardie, by Stefan Weber Fotografie

BLT Built Design Awards – Coveted Trophy

BLT Built Design Awards gives six grand prizes per year to professionals and students: Architectural Design of the Year, Emerging Architect of the Year, Interior Design of the Year, Emerging Interior Designer of the Year, Construction Product of the Year, and Landscape Architectural Design of the Year.

Selected by our esteemed jury of architects, designers, manufacturers, and leaders in construction and architectural fields, the annual winners will receive a custom-made BLT Awards trophy, alongside extensive publicity showcasing their designs and projects to an international audience — and more.

Photo: winner James Hardie, by Stefan Weber Fotografie

BLT Built Design Awards – Badge of Achievement

Each winning project will receive its own badge of achievement. The BLT Design Awards badge is the perfect marketing tool, placed everywhere you have a presence: in print, on your website, business card, email signature and share it on social media.

BLT Built Design Awards – Book of Design

The catalog features the yearly winners in Architectural Design, Interior Design, Project Management, and Construction Product Design categories and the “Designers of the Year” winners interviews.

The Book of Design is available to purchase on Amazon and can be downloaded freely on the BLT Awards website.

Invitation to the Winner’s Evening Celebration

BLT Built Design Awards holds a winner’s event every second year. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievement of all winners, providing networking opportunities, and fostering considerable media attention. Our BLT Awards winners will be provided with an exclusive invitation, granting them free entrance, together with one guest.

Additionally, the laureates can invite important institutional or press contacts by contacting the BLT Awards team.

The country and/or venue will alter each time. The BLT Built Design Awards is a global program and we wish to reflect this in our events.

Exclusive media exposure opportunities

D5 Magazine is the leading platform for professionals in architecture, interior, industrial, furniture, and lighting design. Dive into projects that push the limits of creativity and functionality, while benefiting from insights shared by visionary designers. Committed to promoting excellence, diversity, and sustainability, D5 spotlights projects prioritizing social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

BLT Awards winners will receive year-round exposure through our exclusive media platform, D5Magazine. This will amplify their work and design influence to a global audience.

How to promote your award-winning company?

Print your certificate and winner badge, add them on your website, share with your community on social media, website, and direct marketing.

Add the Winner badge on your establishment/ company communication collaterals and brochures. This is a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Issue a Press Release and send it to your local media and/ or communication agency. BLT will also publish the official winners’ press release on the BLT Awads website.

Add your winner badge to your email signature — your email signature is seen every day, by many people who may not know about your award. Just by adding a statement that says ‘Winner of the (year) (Award Name)’ is a powerful marketing technique, turning every outgoing email into a testament to your achievement.

Involve your team — by sharing your achievement, your sales and marketing team not only boost their own morale but also pass on the joy of your win with all their contacts and clients. Happiness is infectious, and sharing the results of your hard work is a perfect example: everybody is glad to hear the news.

Consider an advertisement. It is a common business technique to take out an advert to call attention to an awards win. Some companies also use this opportunity to congratulate fellow winners — sharing their joy.

As soon as you are a winner in the BLT Built Design Awards, that stays with you — the ability to add ‘award winning’ to all company descriptions cannot be understated, and it is a benefit that never ends.

To conclude, an industry-recognized award serves as a powerful independent endorsement of your company’s quality. Winning the BLT Built Design Award is a serious competitive advantage and, more importantly, it is an evaluation that will bolster potential customers’ trust —  especially when coupled with your own internal marketing material.