BLT Built Design Awards unveiled the “Certificate of Achievement” design.

December 22, 2020

Give your project the recognition it deserved, BLT Built Design Awards is pleased to present the official “Certificate of Achievement” given to Winners and Honorable Mention.

BLT Built Design Awards gives 6 winning titles/Trophies per year to Professionals and Students:

      • Architectural Design of the Year: Professional
      • Emerging Architect of the Year: Student
      • Interior Design of the Year: Professional
      • Emerging Interior Designer of the Year: Student
      • Construction Product of the Year: Professional
      • Project Management of the Year: Professional

Selected by our esteemed jury of architects, designers, manufacturers, and leaders in construction and architectural fields, the annual winners will receive the BLT trophy, extensive publicity showcasing their designs and project to an international audience, and more.