Design is key for short-term rental properties.

September 13, 2020

Designing your rental property is more than just bean bags and wallpapers, you’ll need to pull together all the elements to work harmoniously into your living space. Creating a cohesive design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but even more so, offers a comfortable, functional, and unforgettable experience for your clients.

Importance of Design 

Great design means better opportunities. The look and feel of your rental property can either upscale or stale your investment. Know more about what you can out of your efforts for a strategically designed rental space with the following benefits.

  1. Makes your (AirBNB) property Stand Out. Like any other business, competition can be fierce. With a jaw-dropping rental design, you’re sure to get more bookings from clients who are willing to pay higher to experience the best accommodation available.
  2. Makes your Rental property Picture-ready. With the digital-age, bookings are mostly done online, and you’ll need a stunning picture gallery for your listing. With a beautiful design that has the perfect lighting, color theme, and quality furniture you’re sure to have a gorgeous collection that can attract potential clients.
  3. Positive Feedback from Past Clients. First and foremost, designing a short-term rental apartment is creating an experience, and with a well-thought interior, you’re sure to offer a memorable one. It isn’t enough to have visually interesting furniture. It should also be comfortable and ergonomically designed to fit your clients’ needs.
  4. Raise the Appraisal Value. Higher appraisal value means higher burrowing power. Renovating or redecorating your rental space can be surely an added cost, but still, a worthwhile investment as it adds to your financial security in the long run.

Design Tips

Most property managers and homeowners will try every trick in the book and incorporating a sound design that guarantees to attract more clients, get more bookings, generate excellent reviews, and increase your property value. Whether you are listing for short-term furnished apartments or modern vacation homes, there are many ways to transform your rental property into a high-class and enthralling home-away-from-home asset.

  1. Furnish with Locally-made Crafts and Art Décor: Most of your clients are likely new to the place, and incorporating the local arts and crafts will not only give your clients a sense of the place, but you’ll also help promote your local treasures.
  2. Add Crafted and Homely Furniture: Accent furniture items can create a meaningful and personal space. Similar to adding locally made decor, the cozy and visually elating furnishings make your clients at ease and comfortable. Choose furniture with soft textures and interesting forms.
  3. Choose Appropriate Lighting: Cliché as it may be, but first impressions truly last, especially for your outdoor lighting. Most of your clients may arrive during the late evening or during the break of dawn where the first glimpse of their accommodation is just right before your doorsteps.

Plan and invest in a good lighting scheme that’s adaptable to your location and features of your Air BnB. Make sure you have enough lights outdoors to guide your clients when finding the place. Check your street lights and entry porch lights during the night.

If you have a beautiful garden to feature, you can choose solar LED illumination to highlight landscape features such as waterfalls, trees, flower beds, or sculptures.

Just like your outdoors, your lighting temperature for your interiors depends on your location, current time of the year, and existing color scheme. For adaptable lighting, you can choose adjustable ambient lighting to change the desired mood for your interiors. Don’t forget to add accent lighting and bedside lamps.

  1. Choose Durable Yet Low Maintenance Finishes: As a responsible owner, maintaining a clean and hygienic property is paramount. Not only does it look and smell fresh but prevent any spread of diseases or health problems. Select fabrics that have antibacterial properties such as expanded vinyl, linens made from bamboo, mulberry, or silk.
  2. Know Design Trends: Being updated to the latest trends in interior design can help you have an edge in getting more clients. But, firstly, know your market. If you’re are catering for the younger clients, you might need to get fresh takes on your color scheme and décor.

Neutral and earth-tone colors are safe choices when it comes to the color scheme, but splashing unusual and vibrant colors can also make an impressive statement to your rental property.

Though, always match your hues with the current season and location. If you live in a gloomy area, bright and light Scandinavian-inspired elements can uplift the mood of your property. On the other hand, if you have a hotter climate, deep cool gray or marine tones can make your interior more relaxed and refreshing.

When doing a staging or renovation of your rental property, be sure to take before and after pictures of your property. Documenting the transformation is not only reliving the satisfaction of your achievement but can be an invaluable record you can show to potential clients or an appraisal officer.