Lucca Izzo

Lucca Izzo

Interview with Lucca Izzo

PX3 Winner “ Best New Talent” for Desformes


You work with different forms of art. Is there a common hurdle that you have to overcome in producing your works?

The common difficulty is the creation process. It takes considerable time for the work to be realized when concentration and efforts are needed.

What themes guide your works?

Several themes guide me: metaphysical, surrealism and realism. These different artistic movements influence my work.

Take us back to the time you discovered your passion for photography.

I began photography for fun when I was young to have beautiful memories of holidays. With time, this passion became my lifestyle. I express my feelings through photography.

What kind of photography do you identify with?

Obviously, Fine Art Photography.

Can you share with us your overall experience in photography?

Photography is a way of artistic expression that depends completely of the degree of experience known by the artist. Photography allows me to materialize my state of mind at a given moment.

What is the story behind your winning Px3 entry?

I have always been passionate about art and I have always used my camera in order to create my inner world. After different projects, I decided to participate in competitions to challenge myself and to get professional and international opinions. PX3 appeared to me as an obvious and serious choice–the place to be.

What processes do you undergo when you create your photos?

I immerse myself in art books and cinema series. I also visit exhibitions. These days, I capture a lot of information and I discover others techniques. Then, I use all this information in order to set up my personal project, showing my feelings and my own perception.

What is your dream project? Why?

I don’t have a particular dream. I think it’s important to enjoy every moment of life and communicate to others as a part of my personal conception.

What is your advice to young photographers just getting started in their career?

To study hard, to have patience, to never give up. Any experience has to be considered in a positive way to improve yourself.