Royd Clan's House

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Level architekture
  • Lead Designer
    Nadine Samaha
  • Architect
    Level architekture
  • Const. Company
    level konstrukt
  • Location
    345 Merrawarp road, Ceres, Geelong Victoria Australia
  • Project Date
    17 June 2021
  • Project Link

Understanding the aspirations and brief of my repeated clients, the concept was inspired mainly by the environmental context that enjoys 360 degrees views of the Ceres Hills and the late 1880's house ruins.
The pavilions emulate the existing on-site boulders. They are linked through glass roofs and vertical circulation connectors. This playful cluster design that followed the Passive Design Principles, maximized the North orientation , disrupted the wind turbulence and integrated with the surrounding landscape.
Compressed Laminated Timber (CLT) panels and Glulam portals for the structure relied on Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) . All timber was cut in factory and assembled on-site to suit the geometry. Choosing CLT was crucial for the sequestration of carbon, insulation value, thermal mass index and biophilic properties.
Repurposing the scattered sandstones from the old ruins inside the house consolidated a sense of history, belonging and continuity of the site indigenous and colonial past .

Nadine is an architect, ESD lecturer, and regenerative design advocate based in Melbourne. LEVEL was established 28 years ago to fulfill the need for a comprehensive interdisciplinary service, where design and construction intertwines. LEVEL as a palindrome alludes to a balance between Architecture, Construction, and Environment. Nadine is passionate about creating spaces and forms that seamlessly connect with nature, promote wellbeing and support positive emotional energy. The practice's Construction continuum allows her with her partner John to explore new methodologies in construction.

Other prizes
-Winner of 2021 World Architecture Community Awards, category Architecture?Designed, "Biophilic Soundscape" project designed in collaboration with Dr. Jordan Lacey.September 2021 - Winner of 2021 World Architecture Community Awards, category Architecture?Designed, "Ghost in the Nets" project designed in collaboration with Sarah Naarden, May 2021 - Winner of 2021 Women in Sustainability Award presented by Sustainability Building Awards, November 2020 - Finalist BPN Sustainability Award for Mixed-Use Residential Category, November 2012 - Finalist for three Kitchens “Kitchen is the Heart of the Home” Designboom competition, January 2005 - Finalist in “Water Concept” Designboom competition, March 2004