The Photographer's Studio

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Heritage
  • Company/Firm
    Forest Architecture Limited
  • Lead Designer
  • Architect
    Forest Architecture Limited
  • Location
    Lymington, Hampshire UK
  • Project Date

The Client for this project is a portrait photographer who travels the world capturing photographs. He didn't have the space within his home to accommodate a studio space so he approached our practice to design a new structure within his garden. The space for the studio had an asymmetric shaped, formed by historic garden walls, as the house and walls are Grade II listed. Whilst one side of the surrounding context is historic in nature, the other side has an industrial landscape. Therefore a balance needed to be struck to respond to the historic garden side and the industrial civic side.

In order for the studio to sit comfortably within the garden, the historic garden walls were retained to form the outer skin of the building. A timber framed structure was then dropped into the space created by the walls and a weathered steel, 'floating' roof was added above a frameless ribbon of glazing.