San Francisco State University Liberal and Creative Arts Building

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Educational
  • Company/Firm
    Mark Cavagnero Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Mark Cavagnero
  • Design Team
    John Fung, Mark Jewell, Andy Lau, Simon Newton
  • Architect
    Mark Cavagnero Associates
  • Interior Designer
    Mark Cavagnero Associates
  • Const. Company
    McCarthy Building Companies
  • Location
    San Francisco, CA
  • Project Date
    April, 2021

The new Liberal and Creative Arts Building at San Francisco State University is the first new academic building completed at SF State in 25 years. The building is a state-of-the-art testament to the strength of SFSU’s program, slated to prepare the coming generations to lead and evolve the media landscape. The design team built consensus with multiple departments, stakeholders, and end-users to deliver the final design.
The new building includes two multi-story television studios, along with a TV newsroom; radio station; video post-production space; audio recording, production, and post-production space; and related classroom space for the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) program. It is conceived as a flexible learning and production environment for teaching electronic media capture, editing, and broadcast that can be adapted to changing technologies. Located on a highly trafficked quad, the building offers passersby views into its television news studio on its first floor, inviting outside in. The project includes all of the BECA program as well as additional interdisciplinary lecture space.

Mark Cavagnero Associates is a San Francisco-based architecture firm built on a foundation of serving civic, cultural and institutional clients. We approach each project with a focus on the immediate and greater community it will serve. The firm has completed a wide range of architectural and master planning projects based on this ideal, including large and small scale institutional, non-profit, and commercial projects. The firm provides a full range of services, from programming, master planning, site planning and conceptual design, through construction documents and administration.

Other prizes
In addition to being well-received by users and the community, our work has garnered more than 100 design awards from local, state, national and international organizations. Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects was honored with the AIA California Council’s 2012 Firm of the Year Award, the highest honor that the organization bestows upon a firm, recognizing distinguished architecture and a culture of mentoring the next generation of architects. The firm ranks in Architect magazine’s 2015 The Architect 50, the ranking of the top 50 architectural firms in the country. Mark Cavagnero was personally honored with the AIA California Council’s 2015 Maybeck Award, a lifetime achievement award often referred to as the “Gold Medal of California.” In every project we design we strive for logic, strength, functional excellence, clarity, sustainability, economical use of materials, and, of course, beauty. Ultimately, the challenge of our work is to build something that authentically represents our core values and innate beliefs: fairness, stability, strength, and openness.