Christopher Cassaniti Bridge

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Bridges / Public infrastructure
  • Company/Firm
    Ki Studio/Arup
  • Lead Designer
    Miguel Wustemann
  • Design Team
  • Architect
    Ki Studio
  • Const. Company
    Constructed by Daracon/Arenco Joint Venture
  • Location
    Macquarie Park, greater Sydney, NSW Australia
  • Project Date

The sinuous, spiralling electric blue structure integrates seamlessly with the landscape and new park, delivering a unique design and a memorable bridge that meets the brief in both function and outstanding elegance.
Key inspiration was to create a sculpture in the landscape that users experience, whilst providing a unique landmark that cements the identity of the precinct. The fluid form language continues into the organically designed park creating a striking ensemble.
The bridge rises in one sweeping motion, creating a functional and direct route that transitions into a multi-functional park, marking the arrival into the precinct. The design process was informed by site constraints and follows optimal desire lines, minimising the height of the bridge deck above road level and delivering a highly legible form that expresses its function with clarity and distinction.
The alignment of the bridge was optimised to create the shortest bridge possible, creating a user friendly crossing, whilst minimising material use. The structure itself was optimised to minimise steel tonnage and expressing the flow of forces with its organic form.