Crown Lobby – 5255 Yonge Street

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Bartlett & Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Inger Bartlett
  • Design Team
    Katrina Clancy
  • Interior Designer
    Bartlett & Associates
  • Location
    Toronto, Canada
  • Project Date
    August 2019

A dynamic art piece, an acoustic intervention, a space divider and an anchor for a reception desk: The bespoke screen that defines the Crown Lobby project is a striking architectural intervention.

Tasked with bringing a dated Toronto office tower’s public entryway in the 21st century, the design team devised the perforated metal panel to shift the axis of the space and emphasize its soaring 30-foot ceilings. Prior to the redesign, granite-clad bulkheads made the lobby feel dark and claustrophobic. Now, the screen rises between the elevators and the front desk, its abstract laser-cut apertures depicting a towering forest. Light washes through to either side, evoking fading sunlight filtering through the trees.

Just one of several biophilic references, the black screen is contrasted with a sculptural white plane, its three-dimensional surface capturing light and shadow like a rippling body of water. The flooring features soft grey porcelain slabs and a textured grey carpet that mimic natural stone.

In the central volume, a smartly tailored lounge area – more akin to a hotel than an office lobby – invites visitors and employees to pause and enjoy the tranquil space.