Chez Shibata

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Doyle Collection Co. Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Aiji Inoue
  • Const. Company
    AOI Architect Co., Ltd.
  • Location
  • Project Date
    2nd February, 2021

Patisserie “Chez Shibata” has been operating for 27 years in this location. This shop closed once, and it was newly built.
When designing this shop, we focused on his “roots”, “experience” and “future”.
Mr. Shibata has a twin brother and when still young, whenever he played outside alone, he was frequently asked where his twin brother was. He did not appreciate being asked like that nor being treated as a pair. Thus, seeking for having a unique sense became his core value.
The shop’s total design avoids using ostentations decoration and adopts slanted ceiling from the image of Origami folding papers. In addition, we selected fabrics of kimono and traditional plasterer for the wall-finishing materials. So, gathering delicate handwork techniques and by simplifying in total, we created an atmosphere which resembles the impressions of Japanese food Restaurants.
In details, despite the functions being the same or the first impression looking alike, each of the shop’s pillars and display racks has different relations. Furthermore, by deliberately cracking the sides of the mortar utensils, we could generate the one and only aspect. There is no one identical item in the space provided.

In 2011, he established ?Doyle Collection co. ltd.?, Tokyo based,
and is the current CEO of this company.
He has been creating numbers of highly evaluated projects.
Special feature of his work is not a scene but sequence.
In just a year, his career expanded from Japan to Asia and Europe.
Aiji Inoue’s work is been widely praised for the method of utilizing
unpredictable and unique material combinations.