Fundación Santa Fe - Outpatient Care Tower

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - New Concepts
  • Company/Firm
    AEI Spaces
  • Lead Designer
    Marta Gallo, Alejandra Arce.
  • Design Team
    Estefanía Castillo, Angelo Mora, Sergio Mutis.
  • Interior Designer
    AEI Spaces
  • Location
    Bogota, Colombia
  • Project Date
    September 2020 (design development)
  • Project Link

About the Design:
Fundación Santa Fe Outpatient Care Tower is located across a semi-pedestrianized street from the hospital’s iconic brick plaza and gardens. A receiving courtyard and an array of green stairways interconnect the public spaces of the tower in an ascending interior pedestrian spiral that elevates throughout the 10-story building. Drawing from a year-long in-depth local research, and scientific evidenced-based design studies, different health-promoting spatial attributes were merged into unique healing atmospheres tailored-made for each medical specialty level. Featuring a spatial framework for sensory comfort and wellbeing, an approachable service and information system, and activity as a means for dynamic healing and engagement, the project generates a vibrant, appealing, and diverse pathway of wellbeing environments.

This project is dedicated to all the generous, interdisciplinary, and insightful people that collaborated with its design via participative workshops, interviews, and conversations. Hopefully, FSFB OCT will raise awareness and promote the development of well-thought healthcare experiences in Colombia and beyond.