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Flexijet 3D

  • Prize
    Winner in Project Management - Drawing, 3 D, site layout, Floor plan, and Architectural software
  • Company/Firm
    Flexijet Gmbh
  • Lead Designer
    Flexijet GmbH
  • Design Team
    Scala Design Technische Produktentwicklung GmbH
  • Project Date
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With Flexijet 3D, literally everyone can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively take measurements and assess dimensions accurately to the millimeter precise, and insert the data directly into CAD. Whether you are a beginner, an all-rounder or a CAD specialist, with Flexijet 3D you benefit from the principle of “measurement drawing”, which offers you a multitude of advantages over conventional measuring techniques and point clouds from laser scanners.

Inaccurate measurements or transposed digits are a thing of the past. You do not need to make notes of measurements because you can see what you’re measuring right away on the display. The possibility to include photos and audio notes in the measurement drawing offers you integrated documentation on site. You can easily work in difficult locations without scaffolding, ladders or other helpers.

Measure furnished rooms without having to move irritating furniture. Roundings, arches and non-angular components can be detected quickly and precisely. Thanks to the projection function, you can also use Flexijet as an assembly aid.