Liang's Apartment

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    Winner in Interior Design - Apartment
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  • Design Team
    LILI C.
  • Interior Designer
  • Const. Company
    NL Engineering Consultants
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In Japanese traditional space, there is a s block called the "DOMA"(Lobby Stretched); similar to the modern architecture of the entry, it is of a larger scale. It is a space for cooking, gathering, playing, friendly exchanges with neighbors and all general purposes.

With the evolution of modern homes, the DOMA has disappeared and limited to what is now known as the foyer. The pattern of residential space gradually Westernized, but the way of life is still continuing the traditional spirit. That is, "Mom is the center of the family.

The DOMA is the Mother's illusion, is the place to housework, for the children play and reading. Mother often talks and meets with friends. In the holidays to do a party, let the children from the adults of the dialogue and interaction, learn interpersonal way.

In the construction of physical space, I gave up the “hall”. Focusing on the essence of life is the interaction of people and their dwellings.

The DOMA as the concept for this project breaks the traditional limitations of space, reconstructs the framework, and rearranges the act of reception, gathering, cooking and playing into one consecutive stroke, allowing an uninterrupted flow in space.