• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    Schoos Design, Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Thomas Schoos
  • Design Team
    Lisa Gill
  • Architect
    Randolph Popp, Architect
  • Interior Designer
    Schoos Design
  • Const. Company
    WLG Development
  • Location
    Palo Alto, California
  • Project Date
    March 2020

The intention was to design a restaurant that was upscale, yet comfortable enough for people to visit multiple times a month. Our approach was to evoke the senses through color, texture and pattern, while staying true to the deep-rooted heritage found in Indian culture. The indigo colors and textures hint to how the original textiles where dyed and processed generations ago. Combining these elements, along with more refined details, created a truly sophisticated yet welcoming space.

We created a transition from the downtown pedestrian alley into the vintage-inspired interiors is done through a shocking blue entryway. A hand-carved wood door painted a deep indigo blue is surrounded on all sides (including the floor) by random patterned blue and white tiles. An eclectic array of light fixtures, from brass Indian drops to crystal chandeliers, lights your way to the journey ahead.