the EPIC Block

  • Prize
    Winner in Construction Product - Energy Saving / Energy renewal systems
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Charles Leahy
  • Location
    Product development in North Carolina, U.S.A.
  • Project Date
    Winter, 2021
  • Project Link

Our revolutionary new composite product is the intelligent EPIC Block, which stands for the Eco-Panels Insulated Composite (or Concrete) Block. No longer do you need mortar or a skilled mason, and no longer do you need to insulate on top of a concrete wall. You look at our product and you know how it goes together. Even a "basic" EPIC Block can support over 70,000 lbs compressive loading and the blocks can be drystacked and later reused or bonded together with adhesives or even double sided construction tape, no skill required. The insulation value can vary with demand, but even our basic block insulates to R40. Electronic sensors with a 40+yr life can be embedded to wirelessly inform you if there is water intrusion, or if the wall is leaning or settling, and it can record interior and exterior temperatures and wirelessly control your HVAC system - ELIMINATING the need for thermostats that do not measure temperature flow until after the fact (and then it costs more to affect change). And because of the foam core, no more seismic concerns as with traditional concrete. A concrete producer can now make 5-10x profit from same facility compared with CMU production unit profit.

The Intelligent EPIC Block is the marriage of technologies both ancient & modern. With structure, durability & fire resistance on the exterior & a durable super-insulating fire resistant closed cell foam core with active sensors on the interior, buildings such as schools & hotels can still offer the safety and durability of fire resistant concrete but with 60-70% LESS concrete & associated carbon emissions. A unique interlocking molded foam core ensures that mortar & skilled labor are no longer required for assembly, & wireless sensors inside the blocks can communicate for HVAC, safety, etc.

Other prizes
the EPIC Block was selected as one of the top Innovative Start-Ups in the Building & Construction Industry at the 2021 International Builders Show held virtually this year.