Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by Halio

  • Prize
    Winner in Construction Product - Glassware structures and products
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Viracon and Halio Team
  • Other Credit
    Halio, Inc
  • Location
    New construction product launch; no project yet.
  • Project Date
    Launch of product July 15, 2021
  • Project Link


Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by Halio is the most advanced tinting glass available. It looks just like your typical façade glass. But with this glass you can control the tint to reduce solar heat gain and glare.

Best aesthetics from clear through full tint. Tints through a full spectrum of neutral gray options to block solar heat and glare. No more of the blues or yellows featured in legacy smart glass products.

Fastest-tinting electrochromic glass. Full tint change in less than 3 Minutes; 10 times faster than legacy smart glass options.

Most uniform tinting through transition. No more splotchy, honeycomb, halo or wavy effects.

Windows in-sync with technology. Tinting can be fully automated or manually controlled with a mobile app, desktop app, wall-mounted tint selectors, and voice assistants.

Better for you, better for occupants, better for the environment. With Viracon PLUS Smart Glass buildings are more energy efficient and healthier for occupants and the environment.