BLT Design Awards 2022 is open!


The yearning of the forest

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Retails / Shops
  • University
    Chienkuo Technology University
  • Lead Designer
    Cisui Wang
  • Design Team
    Yuxi Xie
  • Project Link

In the age of the epidemic,the rhythm of life in the city was
pressed the pause button,people get along with each other
also a point of vigilance,we want to create a space in a
corner of the city,provide young people with the dream to play.

In a restaurant,with our fully automated delivery system,
customers simply order through the tablet,Meals are delivered directly from the kitchen to the customer,liquid food is
distributed in a sealed container,in the process,service
personnel and customers do not have any contact,it can
reduce the chance of human contact.

The delivery pipe is the way to deliver the meal using the track slide,the lower half is made of metal,to give the surface a
unique metallic sheen, the upper part is made of clear glass, let the customer see for himself the process of delivering the
food. pleasant meal,after the outbreak,it can also be one of
the city's most specialty restaurants.