Destination Utopia

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Workplace / Office
  • University
    Sydney Design School
  • Lead Designer
    Louise Mackay
  • Architect
    Louise Mackay
  • Interior Designer
    Louise Mackay
  • Location

Destination Utopia
Noun: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

You are invited to dive into a utopian world illustrated by futuristic, tech-glam aesthetic combined with bright colours and pastel hues. Destination utopia is derived from the vision of the future of hotels. Exploring the concepts of wanderlust and futurism, I came up this vision of paradise for - a utopian destination. Escape the every day life through surreal beauty and physical tactility that invites discovery and encourages wanderlust.

Through the balance of soft spaces, fluid forms, tactile furniture and flowing drapes this training space encourages wanderlust and discovery. Custom designed arched operable walls will transform these training rooms for intimate meetings, large conference style meetings and social gatherings with plenty of space to move.

Lights emit a soft luminosity and feel, illuminating spaces with an even glow to create calm while energising users. Layering of tinted glass, matte surfaces, opaque elements and ethereal tints reveal unexpected effects and structures.

Louise is a multi-award winning designer who navigates clients through the anatomy of design from concept to delivery. Through a curated design narrative, Louise specialises in concept development, placemaking and curating spaces that ignite feelings of joy.

Louise is on a mission to realise memorable and creative design solutions through bold application of colour and exploration of texture and materiality. Her true purpose: to challenge the design industry with curiosity, authenticity and heart.

Other prizes
Winner - Dulux Colour Awards 2020 (Student Category) Bronze - International Design Awards 2020 Honourable Mention - International Design Awards 2020