HAMBO. Bolonia's Multidimensional Habitation.

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Sustainable & Energy Saving
  • University
    University College London
  • Lead Designer
    Sergio Mutis
  • Location
    Bogota, Colombia

HAMBO is an experimental multidimensional project for socially vulnerable population located in Bogota, Colombia. Grounded on an in-depth 3-year participative study of the marginal neighborhoods of Bolonia, Usme, and on Complexity Theory, this project challenges Colombia’s simple social-housing monetary-cap policies with an alternative sustainable complex strategy system. By fusing urban connectivity, architectural flexibility, collective management, urban productivity, participative design, and informal spatial attributes, HAMBO is able to conceive and fund an innovative, complete, mixed-use, transdisciplinary, and resilient housing solution for vulnerable population tailored-maded to embroil within its territorial context and juncture. Its dynamic pathways, colorful surfaces, multi-level gardens, and ever-changing spatiality evoke the captivating experience lived within informal settlements and reflect the distinctive synergy of their vibrant communities.

HAMBO is wholeheartedly dedicated to the inhabitants of Bolonia, who decisively contributed to its development through participative design workshops and whose struggles and friendship profoundly inspired its authors.