• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Sustainable & Energy Saving
  • University
    Tongji University
  • Lead Designer
    Xucheng Feng
  • Design Team
    Zhanhua Cui
  • Architect
    Shanghai CC Design Co., Ltd.

The project site is located in a permanent undeveloped island in the southeast of Zhoushan Island Although its size is only about 5 hectares,its surface is covered with dense natural vegetation and is close to the main island of Zhoushan City.It should be an ideal tourist destination.However,it has never been included in the planning by the government in history.With many years of design experience in mobile buildings,the project team is trying to quickly build a resort town on this island.At the same time,we will further optimize the surrounding environment,retain the original rich vegetation,lay gravel roads and beaches,build small ship berths,and transform it into a comprehensive Island Hotel integrating catering,vacation,exploration,camping,container and other elements.In addition,we will use the integrated energy modules of"integrated solar charging and discharging","integrated fresh water saving" and"sewage collection"developed by our green construction team of Tongji University to replace all buildings on the island every three days through cargo ship transportation,so as to meet the energy demand for maintaining the operation of all container buildings on the island.