The Pathways to unknown

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Heritage
  • University
    Applied Science University
  • Lead Designer
    Mariam Abbadi
  • Design Team
    Majda Yakhlef

A story and mysterious elements, hidden messages, maybe evidence, or even direct information about a sacred place or a funeral memory, walk in dark corridors underground and at the end of the corridor there’s light, see and feel like the author of the story wants without realizing, there are options but all options are leading to the same result.
The transition from level to level, outside is inside, lower is like upper. Long underground corridor at the end there's glimmer. Here is the light, ramps goes up in square form, every direction has changed, finding the truth is hard.
Ramps go up and at the end of there is the outside, at the left there's a glass wall behind it there are Scientists but I can't talk to them, and they can't see me.
now is the outside, no boundaries, no options. Obvious mass, 3 doors, you decide, your experience.
The stairs are built between rock divided from the middle by nature to be used in motion as if you were inside a cave, you are next to caves, but you do not realize it yet, all this journey makes you more attentive and more open to the unknown.

An Architect
Graduated in 2020
Work as a Freelancer on Architecture design , landscape , and interior design .
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Other prizes
- honorable mention in Tamayouz award 2019 . - First Prize in JEA . - Winner of 2020 Architecture Master prize . -Winner of Architecture Master Prize .