Reconstruction of Historical Buildings in Moganshan Silkworm Farm

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Cultural
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Cong Li
  • Location
    Mogan mountain, China

This transformation is a connection of “history and contemporary”
Architecture has its own language
Record stories and retain emotions in a special way
The design unearthed the most secret origin of the building
Give him the development pattern of this life with a new language of expression
Spring silkworms metamorphose into Huajin’s pure and endless
Freshmen is a commercial space experience of western food + music bar
The symmetry of the building and space and the unique array form
Traveling from history to the present with the transition of time and space
Visually emphasizes the dignity of order repeatedly
In the entire building renovation process, letting the old and the new world come together perfectly is not just our intention of showing the form. Tradition meets modernity, history meets the future. Through the strategic “rebirth” & “reconstruction” of architecture, this old site embedded in the town can obtain value beyond its original conditions, which is a kind of traditional culture. The inheritance and protection of the culture is also a fusion of modern culture. I hope that people will be quiet here, know where it comes from, get what it uses,and feel what it is sending