• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Beinfield Architecture PC
  • Lead Designer
    Bruce Beinfield
  • Design Team
    James Wassell, Seelan Pather, Cristian Gonzalez, Jessica Sansevera, Carol Beinfield
  • Architect
    Beinfield Architecture PC
  • Interior Designer
    Jessica Sansevera, Carol Beinfield
  • Const. Company
    A Papajohn Company
  • Location
    New Haven,CT
  • Project Date
    June 2019

The site is a city block in downtown New Haven that had been utilized as an on-grade parking lot. The program was to relocate the parking component into an above-grade parking structure and develop 400 residential units on the property. The first phase of the project is complete and consists of 169 apartments, parking for 700 cars and a new restaurant on the most prominent street corner.

Architecturally the public areas celebrate the warmth and texture of the raw concrete structure, and layer over that a palette of concrete block and hot rolled steel as a backdrop for comfortable furnishings. The result is fresh and sophisticated and has been very well received by the residents who feel that they live in a special place.

Urbanistically this infill project extends the fabric of the downtown to connect to the State Street railroad station, as well as the Amtrak hub of New Haven’s Union Station.

Other prizes
103 Awards including AIA, BLT Awards, ASID, IDA and local magazine/town awards.