Nanjing Laoshan Ecological Tourism Commercial Cent

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Ivy Architectural Design
  • Lead Designer
    Guogang Cai,Mingzhe Yu
  • Design Team
    Jia Wu,Bo Wang,liyuan Jiang,Kai Zhu
  • Architect
    Ivy Architectural Design
  • Const. Company
    Ivy Architectural Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • Location
    Pukou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
  • Project Date
    October 2020
  • Project Link

The project includes boutique shops, hotels, tourist service centers and other forms of business, which is a very dynamic urban complex. It is designed to be a "one-stop charming destination for leisure life", integrating three concepts: "complex business form", "charming space" and "experiential behavior".
At the same time, we also adopted the "control both ends, grow inward" layout. Control both ends -- Taking into account the overall image of the project, the iconic hotel is placed on the north side of the project. The hotel is close to the Dragon Valley. As the main living and leisure square, the business interaction with the Dragon Valley tourist complex is going to brings more space for commercial development.
Through the center - a tourist service center is arranged in the middle of the plot to ensure the maximum utilization of the plot value and complete the seamless connection with the Dragon Valley, so that the tourist center is both independent and integrated into the complex to maximize the convenience of tourists.