Central Ring Art Gallery

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Cultural
  • Company/Firm
    Studio A+
  • Lead Designer
    Min Wang
  • Design Team
    Min Wang, Mei Ding, Hui Li, Wenwen Zhang, Chongshuo Wang, Xin Jing, Yuwei Wei, etc.
  • Architect
    Studio A+
  • Interior Designer
    Mei Ding, Hui Li, Wenwen Zhang
  • Const. Company
    Central Green Building Group
  • Photo Credit
    Su Chen, Chun Fang
  • Location
    Hefei, Anhui Province, China
  • Client
    Central Holding Group
  • Project Date

This gallery is one of the first private art museums in HeFei, China. Located in the middle of a typical urban concrete jungle encompassed by high-rises, the campus is an urban retreat where art meets the public.

The building stands afloat, giving way to the landscape to be continuously extending throughout the site. The architecture also becomes part of the landscape, allowing opportunities for outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces to host art activities.

Two exhibition halls are installed within the building. Space around them is flowingly open. The facade is highly permeable, allowing indoor and outdoor to fuse together. Experience of walking along the hallways is liminal. People can enjoy both the indoor informal art display and the nature beyond.

The exterior skin wrapping around the building mass is white and gray. Pink, yellow and green are applied to interior skin of spaces for movement, such as grand stairs and hallways, to echo the picturesque landscape of the region in spring time. People come in and out these spaces and become parts of the drama. Colors permeate through the architectural skin and at night illuminate from inside out, adding more mysteriousness.