• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Tai Architect & Associate
  • Lead Designer
    Yutse Tai
  • Architect
    Tai Architect & Associates
  • Photo Credit
    Tai Architect & Associate
  • Location
    Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Client
    DA-YI Construction & Development CO., LTD.
  • Project Date
    2018 May

Adjacent to the major green axis of Taichung City and facing the National Art Museum as well as the Cultural Center, the project site is not only located at where the old and new urban fabric transitions, but also at where the curvature of nature -brought about by the river- and the linearity of the manmade streets meet; where art and humanities of the museum and the Green Parkway communicate with each other through large-scale sculptures. In addition to responding to the spirit of the place, the architect also hopes to realize the client’s desire to transform the hotel typology to an “a happy home as an artistic village”, as housing is the main business service of the client. With the above in mind and coded through the Grasshopper3D programming interface, the tune of “Home Sweet Home” is translated to a series of rotated cubes: the rhythmic pattern bouncing on the building facade not only redefines the city skyline, but also generated a rich and diverse interior space, at once integrating the city, art, and the travelers, imprinting a unique memory of their journey.

Established in 1991, Tai Architect & Associates is a full-service architectural firm headed by Daniel Tai. The design philosophy is based on the exploration of space through simple and powerful forms; to reflect the cultural and geographical context of a site while facilitating efficient, effective and flexible usability; to build sustainable architecture that reflects the environment. Working closely with clients, engineering, and other professionals, the firm maintains open communication and the attention to detail throughout all stages of the development and the implementation of a project.

Other prizes
2022 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellent Awards - Special Contribution for Urban Development Award. 2021 The 17th R.O.C. Outstanding Architects Award. 2021 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award - Excellence Award in Master Plan Category (Residential) - The World. 2021 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award - Special Award in Affordable Housing Category - Taichung City Taiping Yuhsien Social Housing, Phase Two. 2021 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award - Golden Quality Award in Master Plan Category (Residential)- Forest By Lake. 2020 FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards - World Gold Winner for Hotel - The Place. 2019 Taichung Characteristic Buildings Awards - The Place. 2018 A&D TROPHY AWARDS (Architecture - Best Residential) – Certificate of Excellence - Breathing Houses. 2018 2A Continental Architectural Awards (Residential - House/Villa - Asia) - Third place - Breathing Houses. 2018 LEAF Awards (Residential Building - Multiple Occupancy) - Shortlisted - Breathing Houses. 2017 FIABCI WORLD PRIX d'EXCELLENCE AWARDS (Residential - MID RISE) - WORLD GOLD WINNER - Sunny Happiness Gendii. 2017 The 5th Taichung Urban Design Awards - Sunny Happiness Gendii. 2014 Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center International Competition - Honorable Mention (Collaborated with Josep Mias Gifre, Spain). 2013 The National Golden Award for Architecture (15th) - Outstanding Planning and Design - Green Great Garden Mansion. 2013 Taichung City Cultural Center International Competition - Second Prize (Collaborated with Jean-loup Baldacci, France). 2011 Taiwan Tower International Competition - Honorable Mention-1 (Collaborated with CRAB Studio, UK). 2011 Taichung Gateway Park International Competition - Honorable Mention-1 (Collaborated with DOGMA, Belgium).