PVH Campus - European HQ Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    MVSA Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Roberto Meyer
  • Architect
    MVSA Architects
  • Interior Designer
    MVSA Architects
  • Photo Credit
    Patrick Coerse; Barwerd van der Plas; Mitchell van Eijk; Ronald Tilleman
  • Location
    Danzigerkade 165, 1013 AP Amsterdam
  • Client
    Heren 2, PVH Europe
  • Project Date
    April 2018
  • Project Link

The European HQ for Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger is the start of something big – namely, a ‘campus’ development for Calvin Klein’s and Tommy Hilfiger’s parent company, PVH. With European HQ for Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger as the cornerstone of the PVH Campus, two more key buildings on the waterfront will complete an unusual three-in-one complex. Given their different focuses and functions, our approach stresses unity in diversity, with three overlapping water-related concepts.
A maritime setting suggests a variety of associations, so to underline the shared yet separate identity of the 3 buildings, we interpreted it in three different ways. The European HQ Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger building, the first to be completed, has the sleek lines and shiny finishes of a sailing ship. The middle, low-rise building, the social hub of the campus, has a stratified yet flowing form inspired by a waterfall. The third, a high-rise office complex, has a graphic façade that reflects the movement of waves.
Seen from the water, the three buildings create an intriguing rhythm. The angular forms of the PVH Campus building gradually morph across the façades into rounded edges and flowing lines.