Patras Waterfront - Achaia Prefecture, Greece

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Landscape
  • Company/Firm
    Ma_A - Mediterranean architecture Atelier (Greece) + BMT Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Alexios Tzompanakis
  • Design Team
    Alexandros Vazakas
  • Architect
    Ma_A - Mediterranean architecture Atelier (Greece) + BMT Studio
  • Location
  • Client
    Patras Municipality

Linear connections and transverse crossings
The project is based on the interpretation of Patras’ urban morphology dynamics. Their analysis shows that the urban fabric of the city is a field of "enclaves" and "microcosms" which define different urban units, which blur from one into the other. There are no clear boundaries, but zones of transition and osmosis between microcosms.
Therefore, the main object of the strategy is the creation of an "interface" between the city and the port as a unifying condition that connects local specificities:
-In the "old port" the memory of the city and the need to reformulate the urban identity are called to coexist. This is done through the strengthening of the network of public spaces in combination with the reuse of cultural heritage. The aim is to form new centralities while maintaining the "openness" of the port area without beautification.
-In the "Park of the South" and "Terpsithea", the urban fabric becomes weak, forming a condition of low density, suburbanization and therefore low urbanity degree, despite the short distance from the city center. The coastal front becomes an occasion for the creation of urban identity at various scales