• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Mixed-Use building
  • Company/Firm
    Zoom Design
  • Lead Designer
    Xianting Pan
  • Design Team
    Yuling Liang
  • Architect
    Wan Jing Design
  • Interior Designer
    Xianting Pan
  • Photo Credit
    bmStudio, Yan Ming
  • Location
    Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
  • Client
  • Project Date

Being harmonious with nature, the design is guided by original condition with spatial aesthetic. The idea of living in harmony with life that the designer bears is based on the harmony between people and others, nature, space and life, a kind of pure power without the limit of form or idea. Therefore, the designer is committed to build this coffee shop as a poetic space and homey residence.This project includes water bar, dining area,deck and other areas, providing infinite possibilities for residents' daily life. The harmonious nature, rich humanities and colorful life constitute the media of the designer in creating the space and landscape. From the perspective of the designer, structure and porcelain bear essence beyond themselves. The seemly free proportion and irregular order of the space realize the space change from exterior to interior. The abstract mural exists the same in four seasons, then art integrates with nature, presenting an ideal scene.Still and quiet, passing and returning constitute aesthetic contrast in the natural landscape. In the changeable scene, the relationship between people and nature delivers the struggle and meditation of life to some extent.