Guangzhou Financial Plaza

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Mixed-Use building
  • Company/Firm
    International Design Center - GDAD
  • Lead Designer
    Chenghan Xu, Manying Hu, Tianhang Zou, Qiancheng Ma
  • Design Team
    Yiding Wang, Peiwen Xie, Wanting Yao
  • Location
  • Client
    Guangzhou Financial City Station Comprehensive Transportation Hub Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Financial Plaza is located in the starting area of the center, to the west of Guangzhou-Foshan East Ring Financial Center Station. It is designed into a triangular plot, with a land area of about 16,730 square meters and an overall floorage of 78,951 square meters. The project makes full use of the ground and underground spaces, comprehensively coordinates the use of the functions of intercity traffic, check-in areas, subways, buses, taxis, trams, scooters, P+R social parking, bicycles, and regional supporting facilities, to achieve the "zero transfer" goal, and promote the organic integration of the traffic function and urban service function.