Roma Tre University Rectorate

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Educational
  • Company/Firm
    Mario Cucinella Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Mario Cucinella
  • Design Team
    Paolo Greco, Fabrizio Bonatti, Giulio Desiderio, Julissa Gutarra, Alberto Bruno, Alessia Monacelli
  • Architect
    MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects
  • Const. Company
    CAM s.r.l. e MAC s.r.l.
  • Photo Credit
    Moreno Maggi
  • Location
    Via Ostiense, 133B, 00154 Roma RM, Italy
  • Client
    Roma Tre University
  • Project Date

Three elliptical steel-framed towers, a glass-faced auditorium with a street frontage, a new public piazza and a raised “hanging garden” are the key distinguishing elements of the Rectorate of Roma Tre.
From the new public piazza, the three towers, with concrete cores, rise through apertures cut into the mezzanine level “hanging garden”, which serves as a semi-public gathering space. The towers are faced with a trellis work of steel columns, glazed in parts, open in others.
The three intersecting blocks house the university’s management and administrative centres, a new language centre and the auditorium. They are elliptical in plan and section in order to present the least surface area to East and West. As such, they curb the glare of the rising and setting sun while reducing heat gain in summer months.
The gardens to the south of the towers with their deciduous trees, aromatic plants and lawns provide additional shade, natural cooling and natural colouring as well as shelter throughout the seasons, as does the ground level public piazza. Offices and meeting rooms are arranged around the perimeter of the towers to maximise natural lighting and ventilation.

Founded in 1992 in Paris by Mario Cucinella, MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects studio is based in Bologna and Milan. MC A specialises in architectural design that integrates environmental and energy strategies, making use of an internal R&D department that investigates the issues of sustainability through a holistic approach.
MC D - Mario Cucinella Design - specialised in the theme of recycling and the circular economy - was launched in 2018.
In 2015 Mario Cucinella founded SOS - School of Sustainability, a postgraduate training centre to create professionals in the field of sustainability.

Other prizes
2021 Imprese Vincenti Award to MC A for distinguishing itself in the launch and implementation of sustainable and inclusive development paths, with the aim of generating value for stakeholders and the community. 2020 Architecture Masterprize Honorable Mention in the Architectural Design-Cultural Architecture category.Project: Fondazione Rovati Museum. 2020 Architecture Masterprize Honorable Mention in the Architectural Design-Educational Buildings category. Project: Guastalla School. 2019 WAN Awards winner in the category Civic. Project: Arpae. 2019 WIN Awards winner in the category Cultural Venues. Project: Arcipelago Italia. 2019 Active House Awards in the category Designed Building without Radar. Project: Unipol Group Headquarter. 2019 Dedalo Minosse International Prize winner for the project "Workshop Ricostruzione Emilia". 2019 European Sustainability Award in the category for small and medium-sized enterprises with the project "Workshop Ricostruzione Emilia".