Midea Heyou International Hospital

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Healthcare and Wellness Facilities
  • Company/Firm
    Bai Design International
  • Lead Designer
    Yu Bai
  • Architect
    BAI Design International
  • Location
    Foshan, China
  • Client
    Heyou International Hospital
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

Heyou International Hospital will serve as a comprehensive medical center, shifting from a traditional treatment-led to a health-led approach, to be accessible to the whole community, applicable to the whole life cycle and cover the whole medical spectrum. The masterplan adopts the concept of "garden hospital", allowing the medical use and function to fully integrate with natural environment. Inspired by the ancient Lingnan waterways townscape with its crisscrossing rivers, the landscape axes are introduced to open up view corridors, along which medical spaces can have a visual interaction with nature, thus to create a healing environment, and the medical complex as a whole a graceful health park that can be experienced. The design is committed to improving the artistic aspects of medical building, creating an art gallery experience with a healing environment, while integrating advanced energy-saving technologies, setting a new trend in future hospitals, ensuring the foresight of its medical use. The building complex also incorporates open spaces such as courtyards and sky gardens, bringing sunlight, fresh air and greenery to the medical space, making it more friendly to people.