The Rock Cabins

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Hospitality
  • Company/Firm
    Hello Wood Zrt.
  • Lead Designer
    Péter Pozsár, Tamás Fülöp, András Huszár
  • Design Team
    Dávid Ráday, Krisztián Tóth, Péter Oravecz
  • Architect
    Hello Wood Zrt.
  • Interior Designer
    Hello Wood Zrt.
  • Const. Company
    Hello Wood Zrt.
  • Photo Credit
    Máté Lakos
  • Location
    Csóromfölde, Hungary
  • Client
    Hello Wood Zrt., Treehouses
  • Project Date
    February of 2022
  • Project Link

The project was built in Csóromfölde, a former farmstead in Hungary that has been the site of architectural education programs and festivals previously, providing a mystical atmosphere. Our aim was to build a cabin resort that blends in perfectly with the landscape of fields and hills. The organic shape of the cabins create a link between the natural and the built environment. The use of wood for the houses suggests closeness to nature, reminiscent of the materials that were always present in traditional architecture in this area. Altogether, six unique cabins were built on the land. The buildings are designed to offer a high level of comfort and relaxation for a couple, with the apartments having their own kitchen, dining area, and shower directly connected to the infrared sauna. Each cabin has a large terrace facing the panorama, equipped with a jacuzzi for 2 people. With the construction of the cabin resort we were able to provide workplace for locals as well as supporting the tourism of the area.

Hello Wood is an international architecture studio located in Budapest, Hungary. Our company specializes in working with sustainable materials, mainly wood to create our unique designs, whether they are cabins, large-scale projects or social installations.

Other prizes
Previous awards won by Hello Wood: BigSee Architecture Awards - 2022 / Winner Iconic Awards - Innovative Architecture - 2021 / Winner Architizer A+ Awards - 2021 / Special Mention BigSee Product Design Awards - 2020 / Winner A'Design Awards - 2020 / Platinum Winner A'Design Awards - 2020 / Silver Winner IDA Design Awards - 2020 / Gold Winner BigSee Interior Design Award - 2019 / Winner