La mer villa

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Memar Architecture
  • Lead Designer
    Amr Akkad
  • Design Team
    Obada kabbani

Brief description:

MEMAR designed this one-of-a-kind villa located in UAE, Dubai, La Mer beach, with a 600 sq. m built-up area, using special white paint and a touch of wood for an elegant, warm, and satisfying combination.

Ensured a solid façade for the main side of the villa to ensure privacy. However, the other exterior sides have an open large glass façade toward the landscape for residents to enjoy a private view and the night air breeze.

Buildings' design should always bring joy and excitement to the residents, pleasure, glamor and peace to their lives.

Applying a coat of well-chosen white paint to buildings results in an incredible, clean, and fresh aesthetic. Reflecting the purity of the design with no colors to distract.

Making dreams come true by adding the beautiful landscape that is connected indoors with large glass sliding doors creating a happier and healthier place; and when windows are opened outdoors, they double the livable and delightful area in the house.

About MEMAR:

Memar Architecture is a company located in UAE, Dubai, that provides architecture, interior design, landscaping, engineering practices, supervision on construction, and implementation