Nam Villa

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    A+ Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Hoang Kha Vu
  • Design Team
    Tu Phan Nguyen Truong, Nguyen Trong Huan, Nguyen Long An, Le Anh Huy, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh
  • Architect
    A+ Architecture
  • Interior Designer
    Nguyen Trong Huan
  • Const. Company
    A+ Build
  • Photo Credit
    Nguyen Trong Huan, Nguyen Long An
  • Location
    Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
  • Client
    Tran Nhat Nam
  • Project Date

The location of the project is in Thu Duc city - a new urban area of Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam with high construction density and crowded vehicles. Not only that, Nam Villa is located in the context of large houses close together and at the foot of the apartment building. Therefore, we focus on finding design solutions to increase the privacy of the building. Surrounding the house are the buffers of wooden bars and trees combined with the two walls on both sides to make the building more private, handling the view from the neighbor's house and the adjacent high-rise apartment block. In addition, the sunshade system reduces solar radiation, catches the southeast wind at the main face of the building, limits the view from above, and opens the view from below. The interior space is flexibly opened and closed, the intersection is arranged in the middle to ensure that indoor activities always interact with the green outside. In particular, the void is located in the kitchen space, which connects family members. It can be seen that Nam Villa is an inspirational project about how to behave between the building and the context and people.

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We pursue a sustainable design mindset - localized, in harmony with nature, inspired by local materials and friendly environment. In particular, we believe in the spirit of upcycling - giving old materials a second life. The responsibility of correcting the past by giving new life to old buildings has always been the mission of “A + architects”.

Other prizes
+ Gold Medal Arcasia 2020- Nha Nhim Homestay + Bronze Prize A’ Design Award 2021- Nha Nhim Homestay + Top 10 Vietnamese Architecture Firm Ashui Awards 2021 + WA Award Cycle 40th Jury Selected- Tiny Club House + WA Award Cycle 40th- Tiny Club House + WA Award Cycle 39th- Hon Xen House + WA Award Cycle 39th- Swan Hotel + WA Award Cycle 38th- Q Gallery + WA Award Cycle 38th- 276 Office + Honorable Architecture Masterprize 2021- Nha Nhim Homestay + Honorable Architecture Masterprize 2021- 276 Office + Consolation Prize Vinfast Global Showroom Design 2021 + Shortlist WA Awards Cycle 37th Nha Nhim Homestay + Shortlist WA Awards Cycle 37th Roof of Knowledge + Finalist Kohler Bold Design Award 2021- Prodigies