• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Industrial
  • Company/Firm
    Kunik de Morsier Architectes
  • Lead Designer
    Guillaume de Morsier
  • Design Team
    Valentin Kunik
  • Photographer Credit
    Iwan Baan
  • Location
    Le Locle
  • Client
    Audemars Piguet SA
  • Project Date

Built horizontally on the hill, the Manufacture fits discreetly into this landscape resulting from the folds of the Jura. The whole blends into the geography of the Jura and the astral time. The contours and materials are chosen to intensify the user’s or visitor’s experience of the environment, natural light and the movement of the sun.
The Manufacture houses all the programs necessary for the manufacture of the most complicated watch movements: research and development, machining, decoration, as¬sembly and administration. These work areas are arranged on the hillside in such a way as to maintain multiple links with its topography, its views and the light necessary for the various watchmaking activities. The workshops in the calm northern light and the administration in the dynamic southern light.
In the center there is a large meeting space which has been named Piazza by the users. It is a place for informal exchanges, workshops, co-creation, and the multiplicity of knowledge that encourages interaction between people, networking of skills and the creation of a strong identity for the watchmakers on the site.

We believe that a new vision for the future is possible, notably through the decarbonisation of architecture, the development of new knowledge around regenerative resources and finally taking into account the new space needs of users. This ambition affects the urban space as well as workplaces, industry and the domestic sphere of the house.