The Flett Flashing

  • Prize
    Winner in Construction Product - Roofing materials and structures
  • Company/Firm
    Scott Flett Architecture Workshop
  • Lead Designer
    Scott Flett
  • Photo Credit
    Mark Lobo, Matt Sansom, Chris Shurman, Scott Flett
  • Location
    Hobart, Tasmania
  • Client
    Scott Flett Architecture Workshop
  • Project Date
    October 2021
  • Project Link

The Flett Flashing is the world’s first 3D printed roof flashing.
3D printing allows the flashing to perfectly match any specified roofing profile and colour and permits junctions between roofing sheets of different pitches to be installed without difficulty. This invention makes architectural cladding quicker, easier and cheaper to install.
Architectural Cladding continues to be an enduring method of cladding throughout the world. One of the design challenges of using architectural cladding is how to resolve junctions. The issue is that each standing seam panel is asymmetrical and must be installed in sequence.
There is currently no product on the market for architectural cladding that facilitates a quick change in direction. This has been done by hand for hundreds of years.
The design challenge is to create a durable and aesthetically pleasing flashing suitable for standing seam cladding that is quick and easy
to install.
I developed an additive manufacturing process that consistently produces a robust product that is thermally stable, UV stable, non
toxic and color matched to the roofing sheet.
The product looks clean, simple and aesthetically consistent.