Engineered Structural Roof Frames (Rooftop Unit Supports) for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

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    Winner in Construction Product - Roofing materials and structures
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    QuickFrames USA
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    QuickFrames USA
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These engineered, structural roof frames were designed to modernize the practice of welding in angle iron frames on construction projects. Traditionally, project stakeholders would have to wait for mechanical locations before ordering angle iron frames, hire skilled welders to install them (which is costly, time-consuming and dangerous) and then cut out the frames or abandon them entirely if the locations changed.

These bolt-on, adjustable roof frames for rooftop units (skylights, roof drains, HVAC units, etc.) have changed the game. Due to their adjustability, stakeholders can order them early in a project, helping them stay on schedule. Since they're designed to bolt on, anyone on a job site can install them with a 3/4" impact driver, saving significant time and costs. And, if the locations change, these frames can be unbolted and moved.

The convenience of these frames (and the company's drop-in frames) are a welcome relief on new construction and tenant improvement projects, where roof frames are often 1% of a project - but 99% of the headaches. These roof frames and their innovative, modernized design are not only structurally sound but also endlessly beneficial.