An Arborous Feast for the Heart

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Houses
  • Company/Firm
    Long Dian Interior Design Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Yan-Sian Liao
  • Design Team
    Yun-Hua Cheng
  • Interior Designer
    Yan-Sian Liao
  • Const. Company
  • Photo Credit
    Chris Fan
  • Location
    Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Client
    Mr. Wang
  • Project Date

An Arborous Feast for the Heart is a six-story house villa of 380 square meters, with its first story for a garage and a section for receiving and entertaining guests, the second floor for the living room, dining room and kitchen, and the third to the sixth floor each for a suite with a bath. The house is long and narrow, and natural light comes in through the building’s narrow sides. To make the space look open and bright as well as create a vibe of roaming in the woods dancing with nature is a challenge in the design.
The designer uses wooden veneer of light and dark veins to shape varied feels for the different sections. Diverse materials such as marble, iron and glass are applied alternately, delineating a countenance of grandness and composure, while the thoughtful flow and color scheme make the long narrow space bright and spacious, cozy and pleasant. The entire mansion is shaped into a villa that is modern but mellow, without looking too sharp or high-profile.