Jiangxin Yin Club, CMSK

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    G-Art Interior Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Yijun Jia, Yuchen Lin
  • Design Team
    Yulan Teng, TingTing Teng
  • Interior Designer
    Yijun Jia
  • Photographer Credit
  • Location
  • Client
  • Project Date
    May, 2022

Based on the profound cultural history of Nanjing, it adopts the "three-step" space to create an exclusive Oriental ceremony, and integrates natural inspiration into the design, bringing concise lines, but the various structures evolve through the way of volume and interspersion, which greatly expands the space. Chinese traditional ink painting is vivid in shape, so designers take it as a creative idea to break down the matching of colors and materials.