Lake Lantern

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Evans Lee Design
  • Lead Designer
    Evans Lee
  • Design Team
    Lynn, Jay
  • Interior Designer
    Evans Lee
  • Photo Credit
    Jack Qin
  • Location
    Foshan, China
  • Project Date

In this project, the designer creates space as pure background. With multiple interaction in life, poetic novel residence comes into being, like an artistic gallery. Minimalism does not mean fixed form or single order. The designer has years of experience in infusing minimalism in residents’ life. Based on the concept of “comprehensive space and spontaneous interaction”, the designer divided the space to demonstrate completion and visibility as much as possible, presenting minimalism through vast void space, eliminating limitation and reconstructing landscape. Wandering in the interior space, the daily picture is presented in a low status with poetic ambience.
Minimalism can demonstrate ultimate effects. Based on the bidirectional flow of breeze and light, the fluidity allows residents’ life develops into the communication between people and nature. For this reason, the designer blurs the boundary and limitation of the space, designing a moveable door between living room and multi-functional room. By doing this, residents can have a broader view in the room and more space for parent-child communication. The still modern artistic pictures rejuvenate dynamic with the move of door.