Poly • Hankou Mark

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    More Wonderful Design
  • Lead Designer
    Yirong Yang
  • Design Team
    Meijun Chen
  • Interior Designer
    Yirong Yang; Meijun Chen
  • Photo Credit
    Jian Feng
  • Location
    Jiang'an District, Wuhan, China
  • Project Date

The fusion between time-Honored Chinese history and modern western culture makes Hankou unique with distinctive design and landscape. This project, located in the flourishing Hankou downtown, Wuhan (capital of Hubei Province), pays homage to the traditional and modern elements from China and western countries.
In this project, the designers put the circles as specific symbols. Refining visual elements and innovating artistic form from the modern classic, the designers integrate the “minimalism and elegance” philosophy and exquisite details into sales center, allowing guests enjoying the ultra aesthetic experience.
Traveling through a designed corridor with light and shadow, guests can experience wandering in a time machine which connects traditional and modern culture. The reception center is full of romantic and exquisite ambience due to star totem. With affluent metal materials and style variations together with the shadow of architecture, the designers create a strong and distinctive artistic aroma in the whole space.
The core design of this project lies on the effective connection between living environment and city, showing further pursuit for lifestyle and quality of life.