Hengqin International Finance Center: 245 square meters size

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Bluemoon Design
  • Lead Designer
    Kelly Lin

With the beautiful scenery of blue sky, lucid sea and orderly buildings, a dialogue between urban culture and interior emotion has been conducted. Based on the dynamic and pure condition, the designers endeavour to break the fixed limitation, maximizing the interests in life through a simple way via the artistic space.
From the irregular figure sculpture,modern geometry to stylish chandelier and withered red flowers,the designers combine the aesthetic elements with the daily life and leisure, evoking residents’ infinite imagination for happy life.
In the study where demonstrate the taste and interests of residents, artworks in reserved black and white hue are adopted to immerse artistic quality into the room, echoing with the spiritual world of the residents.
Entering into the master bedroom, the collision of black and red demonstrates pure elegant aroma, leather armchair and geometric painting enhance the comfortableness and warmness in the room. When the sunshine enters into the space through the glass, the infinite poetic feeling of life comes into being in the room.