Luminous Minimal Refurbishment

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Apartment
  • Company/Firm
    Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic
  • Lead Designer
    Ivana Lukovic
  • Design Team
    Alexandara Arampatzi and Stanford Rabbit by Kostas Geranios and Orestis Mpormpantonakis
  • Architect
    Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic
  • Interior Designer
    Ivana Lukovic
  • Const. Company
    ELER AE by Dr Andronikos Theocharis
  • Photographer Credit
    Athina Souli
  • Location
    Voula, Attica, Greece
  • Client
    Vassiliki Grigoriadou and Iasonas Anagnostou
  • Project Date
    November 2021
  • Project Link

This 150m2 apartment occupies the third floor and a roof of a building in an Athenian southern suburb. Limited budget refurbishment transformed existing reality into the oneiric domestic realm. Basic aim during the process was to enhance and reveal the main potential of the given condition - natural light flooded space. That was achieved by increasing the size of window openings in all three bathrooms, while creating a visual contact with the outdoor greenery. Slight alteration of already defined spaces was imposed to avoid excessive demolition of divisions.
Two parallel axes were established. One, that gave a sensuous experiential quality by erasing the boundaries between the private and public, whereas connecting a communal space to the backyard terrace and a newly created bamboo garden through the large bathroom opening. The other one being a multi-purpose five-meter-long unit of the cooking/dining area that relates to a papyrus/bamboo garden at the street-side outdoor. New black aluminum frames were harmoniously juxtaposed to the existing wooden ones. Simple, natural materials in neutral pallet were applied to emphasize natural illumination effects.

The small-scale studio aspires to transfer the founder’s personal enthusiasm for each new architectural challenge to the clients and collaborators, while inspiring them to contribute to the project in the best possible manner. During the creative process, the Architect, the Client, and the Craftsmen are fully merged from the initial design all the way to its completion. Intimate, tactile connection with a proposal is maintained throughout the procedure, simultaneously adopting a unique, multidisciplinary approach to each design brief.

Other prizes
1)2021_ IDA Design Awards Silver Winner 2021_ LOS ANGELES/USA 2)2021_ 2ACAAwards 2021_ 2A Europe Architecture Award_ First place- Residential_ Peloponnese Rural House 3)2021_ Architecture Masterprize Winner_ Architectural design: Residential- Single_ Peloponnese Rural House_ LOS ANGELES/USA 4)2021_ Golden Trezzini Awards Honorable Mention Winner in the Best Implemented Project of Private Residence Category_ SAINT PETERSBURG/RUSSIA 5)2021_ LOOP Design Awards_ Honorable Mention 2021_ Peloponnese Rural House 6)2020-2021_ Silver A‘ Design Award_ Peloponnese Rural House_ COMO/ITALY 7)2021_ Big SEE Architecture Award 2021_ Peloponnese Olive Tree Stone House,Residential_ LJUBLJANA/SLOVENIA