MixC IMAX Flagship - Shenzhen Bay

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    Winner in Interior Design - Other Interior Designs
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    Shenzhen, China

The IMAX Cinema brand by China Resources Land (CRL) is transforming the motion picture experience for audiences in China. The latest addition to CRL’s cinema chain is the first luxury VIP cinema experience to be established in Shenzhen.

The design concept for the city-first venue took inspiration from the luxury hotel industry, bringing a distinctive, premium and immersive experience with a user-centric approach; one which looked to deliver beyond expectations.

Cinema-goers are met with a rich and contemporary design throughout the space with double-height ceilings and illuminated, textured walls embellished with natural woods, metals and stone. Soft furnishings invite guests to sit and dwell within the space, allowing guests to engage with the design. Neon lighting designs add an elegant yet playful visual. Considering the holistic experience, amenities such as the washrooms feature the same high-end materials and attention to detail as the front-of-house areas.

The 3,400sqm space was meticulously planned to accommodate eight cinema theatres, including a 547-seat Dolby Theatre. Each features the same high-end detailing and materials as the arrival spaces.